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The Willpower Not Required Podcast

Willpower not required health & wellness podcast

Start your day with real fitness and nutrition tips for real life.  No fads, no BS just easy tips you can use today to live your life to the fittest!

After years of starting over on Monday, Lauren Whitfield finally got tired of relying on dwindling reserves of willpower to workout, make healthy meals, eat less carbs, meditate, take care of a family, run a business etc etc.  She finally realized that there was a better way.  Willpower and white knuckling it though the day was not required to lose the weight and live a healthy and happy life.

If you are tired of losing and gaining the same 10+ pounds.  If you are frustrated and confused by all of the conflicting information, fads, trends and ‘BS’ in the media and on the internet - then you’ve found the right place.

Each bite sized episode of this podcast will provide you with a quick, effective and real life fitness, nutrition or wellness tip that you can incorporate into your busy day immediately.  Lauren uses her knowledge, experience and lessons she’s learned the hard way to help you make small but effective changes to your day that will help you reach your goals regardless of your current circumstances -willpower not required.


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Click here for the Glute Strengthening Exercises described in Episode #8.

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